Doll eye necklaces with fantasy style, showing pink cat eye, red and yellow dragon eye and green feline eye with dark wooden background
fantasy style doll eye necklaces with reptilian/ feline eyes shown in pink, fire and green

The Fantasy Collection Doll Eye Necklaces

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The Fantasy Collection
Made from real doll eyes, inspired by dragon-like creatures from fantasy lands.

Large retro-style doll eyes with vivid reptilian & feline irises.

These eyes are larger than my standard necklaces and weighted differently; they’re a little more mysterious in their movement, adding to their peculiar, vivid appearance.

Eye opens and closes with movement, just as it would when in a doll.  The eye tends to be open when sat on your chest but moves around as you move. 

Hung on 18" sterling silver chain.

Available in beautiful deep pink and purple dragon eye, a fiery orange & red dragon eye, or vivid green cat-eye.

Arrives presented in Jawline Jewellery box.
Please be aware that Given the vintage style of doll eye, they may have small imperfections.

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.

Unusual necklaces inspired by dragons, lizards, mystical felines, the Eye or Sauron and everything in-between!