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Baby Doll Head Candle - Lilac- Parma Violet Scent.

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Baby Doll Head Candle
Lilac Doll Head Candle - Parma Violet scent.

It's creepy, it's cute and a little macabre-Baby Doll Head Candle.

Made from soy wax, Vegan-friendly.

The perfect creepy quirky gift for anyone who loves unique home decor. 

Lilac in colour with sweet, fun & floral Parma Violet scent.

Approx size: H8cm xW7cm.
Please note there may be slight variations in colour due to this product being handmade.
Safe to burn, must be placed on a heat resistant surface before lighting.

Other Doll Head Candles & pots also available.

Handmade in the UK by The Blackened Teeth.

This is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

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