Blinking doll eye hair grips on black background, displayed on black and white packaging card. item is stood up so they eyes are open and you can see the blue irises.
Doll eye hairgrips shown with packaging, on black and white Jawline jewellery card with logo.  item is laying down, so the eyes are closed
Model with vintage pin up style ears doll eye hair grip and earrings

Unusual Hair Grips - Blinking Doll Eye Hair Slides - One Pair

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Blinking Doll Eye Hair Slides - One Pair

Add a little weird to your outfit with these unusual hair grips made from doll eyes. 

1 Pair - Open Close/ Blinking Doll eyes on metal hair slides.

They're strange, they’re unusual, but also a little kitsch. 

Piercing blue eyes with black lashes that open and close with movement.

Made from real, vintage style doll eyes these weird hair grips are sure to set you apart. 

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.

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