Botanicdoll Bath Bombs - Black bath bombs with a twisted centre.

I'm thrilled to launch my new Botanicdoll Bath Bomb Sets!
The set comprises of two expertly handcrafted botanical bath bombs with curious hidden treasure.
Presented in gift-able packaging with low waste, these bombs are 100% vegan and cruelty free, designed to soothe your soul & your skin whilst bringing you a little dark and twisted joy. 

Milk and Honeye - A luxurious vegan-friendly milk and honey scented bath bomb with delicate Jasmine flowers and skin-softening ingredients. Place this bomb into your bath and watch it gently fizz away, tinting your bath a soft peach and gradually releasing a hidden doll part, or even a piece of jewellery.
Made with Pink Himalayan rock salt, British clay and finished with jasmine petals.

Sugar Glum Fairy - A beautifully dark and stormy black bath bomb scented with sweet plum and vanilla. This bomb will fizz away and release a hidden small doll part whilst turning your bath a smokey, moody dark grey/black. Infused with British kaolin clay, epsom salts and finished with dried red rose petals.
If you're looking for rainbow bath art, these aren't your bombs. But If you're looking for dark/ black bath bombs with unusual macabre twist then here they are!
I've focused on natural, quality ingredients and beautiful scents that will leave your skin and soul nourished.  A little slice of luxury self-care for those with a passion for the strange and unusual. 
Made with the wonderful April Moon Handmade, and photographed by Noelle Brochu. 

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