Authenticity - Jawline Jewellery.

Jawline Jewellery offers original and unique creations; from jewellery to artwork. 
Unfortunately on the back of this, there are now dupes and similar works on the market.
 We all know that imitation is the highest form of flattery (whilst also being infuriating...) But these works are made differently, often with low quality components- So, please do not be fooled by these dupes! 
Here at Jawline Jewellery I source the highest quality components and materials whilst staying true to my word; You'll only find sterling silver earrings here! 
My pieces are made by hand with care and attention to detail- I pride myself on my work being perfect, and of course, all of my designs are my original works. 
To make sure you're getting an authentic piece, please keep an eye out (pun intended..) for our logo on the packaging, see below: 

jawline jewellery doll eye jewellery. Creepy alternative statement jewellery

And our old logo: 

jawline jewellery old skull logo
If you aren't sure if you're looking at an authentic Jawline Jewellery item, feel free to drop me a message and i'll take a look for you. 
My items are currently sold here: 
And via Attitude Clothing:
Thank you for your support and for shopping small!