Do you ship worldwide? 
Absolutely! I’m based in the UK but can ship worldwide. 

Are the items made from real doll eyes? 
Yes! Jawline Jewellery eyeballs are real doll eyes.

Are the eyes open, or closed?  
Both! Depending on the angle you’re holding the eye, the eye may be open or closed. 
They’re doll eyes, so just like a doll, if the eye is stood upright looking at you the eye will be open. But move it backward and put it so “sleep” and the eyelid will close! 

Can you make me something custom?
Possibly! Drop me an email at hello@jawlinejewellery.com and we can chat and see what we can sort! 

I’m sending my order as a gift- can you wrap it for me? 
Yes! I can offer gift wrap for £2.50, there is a listing for it on my website; just add that to your basket when you place your order and I’ll make sure your order is presented beautifully! 

What happens if my blinking doll eye gets wet? 
Try not to get your eyeballs wet, if they do get wet, dry them as best you can and leave them face down with the eye open on a towel or something absorbent to try and get any drops or water out the casing.
Don't panic, a little bit of water won’t totally destroy your eye, but you just want to dry it out as much as possible!  

How long will delivery take? 
I always try to dispatch orders as soon as I can, but it can sometimes take up to 5 working days for your order to dispatch.
Once your order has shipped you will receive a confirmation email, at that time, it’s down to the postie! 
UK delivery is usually 1-5 working days from dispatch.
Rest of World (Everywhere else) - delivery can take up to 28 working days, but I often hear customers receive items in around 2 weeks- but this is just an average.

What happens if my order has arrived damaged or faulty?
In the unlikely event of a faulty or wrong order, please drop me an email as soon as possible: hello@jawlinejewellery.com

Any other questions? Drop me an email: hello@jawlinejewellery.com