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My name is India, I run Jawline Jewellery. I'm not a fan of being anywhere near a camera, but i'm always told i need to show my face, so heres part of it. 

I've been working with dolls & doll parts since 2006- strangely, I was never particularly into dolls as a child, but during my teens I started to become more interested; their distant stares made me feel slightly uncomfortable, yet they also drew me in. I also realised the joy in taking something apart and out of context and how people reacted to that. 

With a passion for old toys, oddities, the more peculiar side of life and a strong interest in creating jewellery I started Jawline Jewellery as it's known today back in 2016. It started with a single doll eye necklace and has now expanded to a range of jewellery, accessories, artwork and more.

My work is kinda creepy, but also kinda cute! It encourages the curious; these doll eyes blink!  I like my work to be as interactive as possible; unless requested artwork is left without glass to you can touch the eyes and make them move. 

Each piece is made by hand, here in Brighton, UK. I pride myself on quality, originality and attention to detail - I want every piece to be perfect. 

If you have any queries or would like to know more, please get in touch :) 

 See my jewellery here: https://www.jawlinejewellery.com/collections/shop-unusual-jewellery

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