New - Self Care Packs for those with a love for the strange & unusual.

2020 has been tough for us all, and 2021 is proving to be challenge too. Wether we're dealing with isolation, grief or just the frustrations of Covid and the current restrictions this pandemic has effected us all in one way or another, and whilst I can't fix that, I think hug in a box type gifts are great and a nice way to help raise a smile.
I've seen lots of self-care boxes and self-care letter box gifts around, they're lovely, and they're the pick-me-up gift that i think many of us could do with, either as a treat for ourselves, or for a loved one. 
However, i don't know about you; but i'm not your "live, love laugh" type of gal- and I thought we needed a more unusual version; an exciting box that encourages self care, but also a bit of wonder, curiosity and of course a dash of creepy! 
So, here we are with the Spooky Self-Care box! 
 box showing a collection of unusual goods such as a mug, crystal, sweets, black socks
Designed for those with an interest in the darker and more unusual side of life. 
This box of goodies is likely to include: 
- 1-2 vintage porcelain doll parts ~ to help you stay creepy. (Legs/arm/hands or head)

- A Tiny Friend ~ for some quiet company
(miniature vintage style plastic doll figure in a glass vial with moss.)

- A pair of fluffy socks (Black, duh)~ to stay cosy

- A crystal (usually Amethyst or Chevron Amethyst) ~ For some natural wonder & calm.

- A Jawline Jewellery mug ~ for your favorite drink
(1 of 2 designs.)

- A Korean face mask ~ to help you take some time out.
(vegan option available)
-A small bag of Vegan sweets ~ Just because.
I've tried to keep this box as affordable as possible but packed in as many unusual treats as I can- I hope you like it! 


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