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Grey Blinking Doll Eye Necklace
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Grey Blinking Doll Eye Necklace

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A statement necklace that blinks!
Made from a real doll eye.

Highly detailed eye with a zombie grey iris. 

Hung on 18" or 24" sterling silver chain.

Eye opens and closes with movement, just as it would when in a doll.  The eye tends to be open when sat on your chest but moves around as you move. 

An oddity, a curiosity. It's nostalgic, kinda creepy, but also kinda cute. A small statement necklace that’s sure to get some looks, and give some out too!

Models, Astrid & Emily wear 18" chains.

Arrives presented in Jawline Jewellery box.

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.

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