Green doll eye ring shown being worn on a thumb, whilst holding a bunch of wildflowers
green doll eye ring shown on models hand holding a bunch of rosemary, the iris is a similar colour to the rosemary
blinking green doll eye ring shown on hand, worn on the thumb, it is quote a large ring
green blinking eye ring shown on ring finger worn by model

Cocktail ring- Green Blinking Doll Eye- Sterling Silver

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My best-selling vivid green doll eye now as a ring. 

A statement piece; a big and chunky cocktail ring with a touch of creepy-cute nostalgia. 

Bright green, detailed iris that blinks, mounted on a hand-made 925 sterling silver adjustable ring.

One size fits all.

Eye opens and closes with movement-like a real, old-school blinking doll. Long eyelashes flutter as your hand moves. 

The retro style doll eyes can add a cute, kitsch & kawaii element to a fun style, or add a spooky twist to those who dress on the darker side.

Perfect oddity & curiosity collectors, doll lovers and those who love the strange, unusual, macabre or just plain weird! 

Available in other colors upon request.  

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.

Huge ring- big cocktail ring that’s sure to stand out and get attention. Unusual statement jewellery. Alt gothic steampunk eyes eyeball ring. Goth crazy adjustable ring.