vintage style blue doll eye earrings shown on herbs
hand holdign backing card with earrings hung on, background of flowers
doll eye earrings shown on lemon balm plant
image showing large grey doll eye earrings next to vintage style blue eye warrings
Blinking doll eye earrings shown on plain white background, earrings are made with vintage style doll eyes with blue irises.
blinking doll eye earrings  shown hanging on vintage books
close up of blinking eye earrings hung on vintage books, eyes are blue
close up of blinking doll eye earring being worn by model with red hair and stretched ear lobes

Small Blue Blinking Doll Eye Oddity Earrings

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Doll Eye Earrings - Small, Blue. 
Oddity earrings. 

One pair of open-close, blinking doll eyes hung on sterling silver earrings.

Piercing blue iris encased in black plastic and metal.

Eyes open and close with movement, they blink and wink as you move. 

The original Doll Eye Earrings. Made from real doll eyes!

Statement oddity earrings - Add some weird to your outfit.

Great for oddity lovers and those with a cabinet of curiosities. Kinda spooky, but kinda cute.

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.

Eyeball earrings. Statement earrings for those who want something unusual and to stand out from the crowd. Add to a dark gothic outfit for a spooky look, or to a cute outfit for a fun kitschy vibe. Alternative fashion.