Blinking Doll Eye Keychain
large blue doll eye with metal casing on metal keychain, shown on dark wood background
doll eye keychain with blue eye and long lashes, held by someone with long red glitter nails
blinking doll eye keychain shown laid down, eye is closed
blinking doll eye keychain shown on steering wheel

Blinking Doll Eye Keychain

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The Doll Eye Keychain
Vintage style blinking doll eyeball keyring

This big ol' eyeball keyring will be sure to give some people the creeps whilst it dances around in your car.

Large doll eye with bright blue iris and fluttering lashes, attached to sturdy metal keyring.

Eye opens and closes with movement, so will be sure to flutter around whilst you’re using your keys.

It’s creepy, it’s cute and it’s sure to stand out.

Eye is securely attached, but as this has moving parts we do suggest taking care with the item to avoid damage.

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.