single mounted plastic doll eye encased in plastic dome with black base. Item stands next to a 50p piece to show size, is about a third taller than a 50p coin
 single mounted pink/white flesh doll eye with blue iris mounted in plastic dome, displayed on wood with a small plant

Miniature Doll Parts Curiosity Dome - Doll Eye

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Mounted blinking eye in dome

A peculiar little curiosity to add to your collection of oddities and trinkets!

A perfect small gift for someone with a passion for the unusual, darker side of life or someone who collects dolls & doll parts.  

Approx 4.5cm including dome & base, 50p used for size reference.

Eye will blink if dome is removed and eye is tilted forward and backward.
Plastic blinking doll eye mounted miniature plastic dome.

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children. Please be aware dome may have small marks or minor scuffs, but this will not affect the appearance of the item when the dome is in place.

Weird collections, miniature curiosity dome, ideal gift for someone who loves creepy cute creations.