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Doll Eye Frame - Original Doll Part Art.
Doll Eye Frame - Original Doll Part Art.

Doll Eye Frame - Original Doll Part Art.

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Doll Part Art. 
The original Doll Eye Frame. 

16 vintage/retro style blinking doll eyes securely encased in a black shadow box/box frame. Made without glass, this frame encourages the curious. Softly touch the eyes to make them blink or move the frame forwards and backward for an ASMR worthy soothing sound and an almost creepy, unison blink. 

Can be displayed freestanding in your cabinet of curiosities, or hung on a wall using the fixtures pre-attached to the back. 

Looks great displayed next to our doll part art: Arms & Eyes Frame

Great for oddity & curiosity lovers and those interested in the dark, strange and unusual- add a little weird to your home. 

Outer dimensions 11.5cm x11.5cm

Want it bigger? Check out our Large Doll Eye Frame with 121 eyes! 

Store/display out of direct sunlight. 

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.

Gothic homeware, unusual crazy weird homewares. 3d wall art shadow box with creepy haunted doll eyes. Outsider art, oddities & curio collector’s, cabinet of curiosities. Dark aesthetics, fun kitsch retro toys.