Large necklace made from 4 blinking doll eyes attatched together to form the shape of spider eyes, displayed on wooden background
alternative model with pin up style wearing the spider necklae and earrings
Large spider necklace with 4 doll eyes, and purple ring being worn by cute  model with pastel goth style and rainbow hair
Large necklace made from doll eyes being worn by pin up/gothic model infront of large plant
spider necklace being worn by alt/ pin up/ goth model
Spider necklace made from 4 doll eyes in the shape of spider eyes worn by model in plain blue top showing the bright eye colour (blue)
spider necklace being worn by model in blue top
The Spider. Blinking Doll Eye Statement Necklace

The Spider. Blinking Doll Eye Statement Necklace

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The Spider
A statement necklace

Inspired by the cute formation of Spiders' eyes (well, half of them) this statement piece for those wanting something a little chunkier.

4 blinking, vintage style doll eyes formed together, hung on 18” sterling silver chain.

This necklace is sure to get some looks, and give out some too.  

Blue eyes with fluttering lashes that move as you move.  

Wear it with a cute outfit to add a quirky fun twist, or wear it with dark clothing to give a spooky, macabre and witchy vibe.

Eyes may have imperfections adding to the vintage look.

An oddity, a curiosity and all-round weird.

Handmade in the UK.

This is not a toy and it not suitable for children.

Big chunky necklace. Unusual jewellery crazy weird jewellery eyeball jewellery.